Fariborz Matian, DDS, INC - Reviews

Dr. Matian is the absolute best! I needed gum surgery and I was TERRIFIED! Dr. Matian took the time to reassure me that the problem could be resolved. Not only is he kind and friendly, but a true professional. He took the time to listen to my concerns (and there were many!), and carefully implemented a plan that I was comfortable with. His office is beautifully pristine with courteous staff to help. The surgery was done efficiently and impeccably, and he even called later that day to make sure that I was doing well. He made me feel totally confident that I could call him if needed. I highly recommend this doctor. He has restored my faith in effective dentistry and took the scare right out of me! Thanks Dr. Matian!

-Melissa R. from Encino

I saw Dr. Yashar a few weeks ago and I'm extremely happy I did. I called her office based on a referral by my dentist since I broke my tooth. They were exceptionally accommodating. I came in for consultation and they were very accommodating finding me an appointment for the same day to do my crown lengthening. The staff were extremely helpful since it's difficult for me to take more than a half-day off work, let alone find another day that could work for me. The doctor was very professional, empathetic and caring during the procedures, constantly checking with me if I was doing okay. I appreciated that very much.

-Sheila R. from Torrance

I went to Dr. Matian for a consult yesterday. I was referred to him by my Orthodontist and I fell in love with his office and his kindness. I was having problems with my Dentist communicating to him what was required and Dr. Matian was so patient and helpful through it all. I was so frustrated but his calm demeanor and feedback on what was going on helped me relax and know I was in good hands. He has a very beautiful and very clean office and I left his office feeling I needed to let everyone know about him. I called everyone gushing about him which is generally not in my nature... If you are looking for a Dentist/Specialist. Look no further.

-Joan N. from Woodland Hills

Dr. Yashar is fantastic. She helped me solve my issue with my gum disease that no other dentist could figure out without charging me an arm and leg! She is very professional, polite and patient- and the big one here- honest. Finding an honest dentist is tough work these days, save yourself the trouble of searching because She is the one!!

-Norma M. from Woodland Hills

Dr. Matian is compassionate, caring and experienced in delivering high quality dental care. From cleanings to gum surgery and even a tooth extraction; my experience with Dr. Matian has been outstanding. The office workers are professional and the wait time is reasonable. The office itself reminds me of an expensive hotel in Las Vegas minus the slot machines. I can wholehearted recommend Dr. Matian to anyone requiring periodontal, dental, cleanings and or serious dental surgery and/or implants.

-Allan T. from West Hills

Dr. Yashar's office employees and herself made me at ease. They figured out everything that needed to be done, my insurance and my appointment. Her work is fantastic and her explanation made me feel comfortable that I am in great hand. I am extremely pleased with this office and Doctors.

-Tiffany F from Los Angeles

Dr. Matian is an expert dentist in his field. I needed two implants for my front teeth and most of the dentists I have been told that I need very complicated and long procedures, but Dr. Matian did my implants in very simple procedure with no complications. He is very nice, polite, patient and knowledgeable. His pricing is so fair and reasonable. His office is not clean, is "Monica clean"!! Definitely recommend him.

-Marjan G. from Woodland Hills

I saw Dr. Yashar and I couldn’t be happier with the dental implants I received. Dr. Yashar is simply amazing, gentle, caring and sincere. She is all about my well being and comfort. She even called me the night of the surgery to check with me and see how am I doing. She made me feel so comfortable and I recommeded Dr. Yashar to all of my friends and family. Thank you so much.

-Shauna T. from Woodland Hills

Dr. Matian and Dr. Yashar worked as a team to take care of my implants and bone grafting under IV Sedation. I came in, feeling relaxed, fell sleep, woke up and all my six implants and bone grafting were completed without having any memory of it at all. I would not do it any other way, I had no pain afterward and I healed incredibly. Now I am ready to work on other areas that I have waited for so long. I finally found the Drs. Of my dream.

-Isabel W. from Calabasas

Dr. Matian and Dr. Yashar are amazing. They are a great team, very friendly and make me feel at ease each visit. I would not trust anyone else but them. They listen to my concern present me with different options. My family and I have been their patients for the past 18 years I love going to their office. I highly recommend them both.

-Lilly A. from Woodland Hills