Gum Grafting in Woodland Hills

In a situation, whereby there is excessive root exposure or the gum tissue is not sufficient enough to protect the root, the gum grafting procedure will be performed to augment the gum tissue. Slight gum recession can usually be fixed with a few changes to your oral hygiene routine to take better care of your teeth and gums.

When the gingiva recedes further it exposes you to greater risk for infection and bacterial penetration. You will likely be more sensitive to hot and cold foods when you have receding gums. If the gums recede enough as to expose the root you can set yourself up for more serious problems. The root is softer than the enamel making it more vulnerable to bacteria, plaque and root decay.

Gum Grafting Before & After

To restore proper gum level, a soft tissue graft can be performed. This is done by either removing soft tissue from the roof of the mouth, using a donated tissue or repositioning healthy gum tissue from adjacent teeth. This procedure is very predictable and has a high success rate. This procedure should be performed before more serious problems develop and periodontal surgery is necessary.

In our dental office, Dr. Matian and Dr. Yashar will take the time to plan out all procedures ahead of time to minimize any surprises as well as the duration of the procedure. We make sure that there won't be any problems with medications, antibiotics, or anti-inflammatories prior to any procedure. We always follow up on any procedures we perform, especially if surgery is involved. Quite often, many of our patients are able to eat and drink normally the next day, while some may take a bit longer. You will need to avoid chewing on the side where the surgery took place until healing is completed.

Gum Grafting Before & After

Whether it's for gum grafting, reshaping, or enhancement, is a specialty that Dr. Matian and Dr. Yashar are highly qualified to administer. They are confident you will be happy with the top level of professionalism, care, comfort, and results they provide when you come to us for periodontal treatment.