Sedation Dentistry in Woodland Hills


Now you can safely have your dentistry completed and be asleep, relaxed and comfortable. The use of sedation in dentistry has revolutionized the way patients view dental visits. Patients who once were afraid or anxious about even the most routine dental procedures now visit the dentist with confidence. Sedation is typically administered to healthy individuals who need help relaxing or managing treatment anxiety. Reasons for needing sedation may include lengthy procedure times, dental phobias, or fear caused by negative experiences in the past.

Did you Know...

Sedation Dentistry in Woodland Hills
That here are three different types of sedation dentistry? You can opt for sedation administered in one of the following ways:

  • Oral Sedation
    A pharmacological agent administered prior to treatment to alleviate anxiety and help patients relax. You will be continuously monitored while you are relaxed.

  • Inhalation Sedation
    Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide offers a euphoric feeling that makes dental treatments more pleasant.

  • IV Sedation
    This is a conscious sedation reserved for patients who want little or no memory of their dental visits, often patients are asleep.

Intravenous Anesthesia is recommended for:

Sedation Dentistry in Woodland Hills
  • Fearful and apprehensive patients: with the aid of anesthetic technique, you can become comfortable, pleasantly relaxed or completely asleep and have little or no memory of the procedure performed.

  • Low pain and threshold: some patient may have a lower threshold level for pain, with Intravenous sedation you can enjoy a pain free treatment.

  • Severe gaggers: Patient who may have difficulty controlling their gag reflex or even maintaining their mouth open for any period of time, are able to complete their dental treatment relaxed or asleep in what seems like minutes.

  • Physical and mental disabilities: Patients who may find it too difficult to sit in a dental chair due to back or chronic pain can be comfortable and relaxed with intravenous sedation.

Sedation Dentistry in Woodland Hills

You are continuously monitored for your safety and comfort by Dr. Yashar who had completed her training in Intravenous Sedation at UCLA Medical Center and have been sedating patient for over 20 years now. Your vital signs will be continuously monitored for your safety and maximum comfort.