Your first visit to our office in Woodland Hills or Torrance is about familiarizing yourself with Dr. Matian, Dr. Yashar and staff. A first visit aims at gathering any information we must be aware of in order to cater our expertise specifically to every need. We understand that all patients are different and require individual specific needs. At our practice, every patient can expect to be treated with prompt service that meets their specified appointment time. Every patient can also expect a comfortable experience. We understand that visiting a new dentist may cause discomfort in some. Our practice works to alleviate the associated fears of a new dentist and dentistry in general. Familiarizing yourself with our practice, services, and our dentist is a great first step in relieving any anxiety you may have.

We believe that your first visit to our office will be all that's needed to make you feel comfortable and confident that you have come to the right place for your dental care. We view all our patients as part of our extended family, and our dental team is dedicated providing you with superb dental treatment in a friendly and calm environment.

We are pleased to provide our patients with a beautiful facility where they can relax while obtaining top-level periodontal treatment. We feature serene ambiance and relaxing atmosphere for our patients where they can feel calm and relax.

We use high tech instruments for various treatments including state-of-the-art equipment such as digital x-ray which use much less radiation than traditional x-rays. Our digital CT-scan Cone Beam Scanning machines takes three dimensional, distortion-free pictures of the jaw, teeth and bone in high definition, where we can better diagnose and construct treatment plans. Implants are placed in a precise and exact positions as planned with the use of our CT-scan imaging technique for excellent, long term and most esthetic results. Having the right equipment in our office allows our patients to complete their dental surgery in one visit.